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  • 2/1/2019 - FEATURED HAWAIIAN NOTE CARD - Na Hula Mele Note Card Collection
    NEW - Hawaii Artist Hank Taufaasau celebrates the timeless vibrancy of traditional Hawaiian Dance and Music.
  • 2/4/2019 - FEATURED HAWAII ART - Team Kanu Connection
    Inspiration: Everything needed for a successful journey.
  • 2/11/2019 - FEATURED HAWAII ART - Pareau
  • 2/14/2019 - Hawaii Artist Hank Taufaasau Newsletter February 2019
    Latest news, events, new art and more from Hawaii Artist Hank Taufaasau.
  • 2/18/2019 - FEATURED HAWAII ART - Kalakaua Of Clubs
    Inspiration: Kalakaua, young and old. Bottom depicts Kalakaua at age 19, in charge of the National Guard, head in the clouds, holding the family's totem, a lit torch at midday. The top shows Kalakaua in his dotage, The Merrie Monarch who revived the arts. He penned the drinking song, "Koni au i ka wai" under the pseudonym Figgs. Koni au ika wai - flow to me, waters I ka wai ali'i (royal waters) o ke kini la (Gin!) Olu ai, ko nohone i ka la'i (make life peaceful & calm)
  • 2/25/2019 - FEATURED HAWAII ART - Queen Of Broken Hearts
    Inspiration: Top: Queen Liliuokalani, the last reigning monarch in her strength, and the reverse, Princess Kaiulani, her rose wilted in disapointment. The palaka cloth (fabric worn by laborers) throughout the middle of the painting, signifies the fact that these royaltys were the first to mingle freely with the maka'ainana, the common folk.

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