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  • Na Hula Mele - Art Collection By Hawaii Artist Hank Taufaasau

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NA HULA MELE - Featuring eight new paintings by artist Taufaasau that celebrate the timeless vibrancy of traditional Hawaiian Dance and Music. ORIGINALS AND PRINTS AVAILABLE - CLICK ON LINKS BELOW
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  • Na Hula Mele Hawaii Art Collection
Each Time Honolulu City Lights( Stir Up Memories In Me)
Inspiration: From Honolulu City Lights, Keola Beamer, 1978. More...
Ka Wai Pa'ihi I Ka Pu'uwai (Water Dear To My Heart)
Inspiration: From Kalena Kai. The precious nature of water, under the guidance of Kanaloa, God of the ocean More...
Kou Lima Nani E (Lovely Hula Hands)
Inspiration: From Lovely Hula Hands, by R. Alex Anderson, 1940. Of all the hapa-haole songwriters, Anderson comes closest to capturing the Hawaiian sound. More...
Ku'u Pua, Ku'u Lei, Ku'u Milimili
Inspiration: (My flower and Lei; mine to cherish) From Ka Makani Ka'ili Aloha, story of a Kipahulu man whose wife left him. Chanting love songs into a calabash, he set it afloat. The wife, gathering lipoa in the ocean, spotted the calabash and realized she was deeply loved, and returned to her husband. More...
Inspiration: The renaissance movement of Hawaiian Dance which appeared in the 60's was driven by a dozen hula masters on all Islands, the majority of which were men. This painting shows the physical strength coupled with its androgenous sensitivity. More...
Lei I Ka Mamo Hulu Melemele (Lei Of Yellow, Mamo Flowers)
Inspiration: From Ka'ahumanu, by Helen Desha Beamer in 1916 for Ahahui Ka'ahumanu, a women's benevolent society that wear the yellow feather lei. Dancers derive inspiration from I'olani Luahine. More...
Nani Wale Na Hala (Beautiful Are The Hala Trees)
Inspiration: From Na Hala O Naue, by J. Nahinu, 1888, honoring Kaleleonalani (flight of the Heavenly ones), the name given to Queen Emma, wife of Kamehameha IV, after the death of her son and husband. Often performed with the pu'ili, or split bamboo. More...
Paio!. Paio Like Mau!
Inspiration: From I Mua Kamehameha, rally song written for Kamehameha Schools by Charles E. King in 1928 More...

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