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  • Hui Nalu Hawaii Art Collection

Hui Nalu Hawaii Art Collection Hawaii Artist Hank Taufaasau
  • Hui Nalu Hawaii Art Collection
E Pule Kakou
Ref. No.: 29154 ** Price: $1000 ** Size: 28x22 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Let us pray. At the end of a paddling session, it is traditional to join (kakou) in a prayer (pule) of Thanksgiving that we returned safe and sound. More...
Nalu Kai Poha
Ref. No.: 29149 ** Price: $1500 ** Size: 18x24 ** Limited Edition: No ** Inspiration: Canoe surfing off of Haleiwa. An experience that every paddler must partake of. Exhilarating, though extremely dangerous. More...
Ohia 'Iako
Ref. No.: 29153 ** ** Size: 28x22 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: The ama(cross piece) is normally from the Ohia lehua tree and lashed painstakingly by cord. Legend has it that Pele(volcano goddess) fell in love with a handsome warrior Ohia. he had already pledged his love to Lehua. Furious, Pele turned Ohia into a twisted tree. Lehua was heartbroken. The gods turned Lehua into a flower on the Ohia tree so that the two lovers would be joined together forever More...
Pau Ka Hana
Ref. No.: 29156 ** Price: $1000 ** Size: 12 x 14 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Relax. Work's over, Time to chill, Have a beer. Take your sweaty do rag off. More...
Pukana La-1
Ref. No.: 29150 ** ** Size: 22x14 ** Limited Edition: No ** Inspiration: The silhouette of paddlers against the evening Sunset. It doesn't get better than this. More...
Team Kanu Connection
Ref. No.: 29157 ** Price: $1500 ** Size: 18x22 ** Limited Edition: Yes ** Inspiration: Everything needed for a successful journey. More...

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