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Commission Hawaii Art - Hank Taufaasau

Hank Taufaasau can be commissioned to create a one of a kind original just for you. Your commission art inquiry does not in any way obligate you to commission the artist.

Hank IS currently accepting new commissions. Fill our form above for details and pricing
When you purchase a commissioned piece, Hank will:
  • meet with you on preferences and discuss sizes of painting
  • do a couple of smaller layouts to scale that become working layouts that corrections can be made to
  • show you the layout and get input , make corrections
  • collect 1/3 to 1/2 deposit
  • start on larger painting and complete
  • get your approval and upon satisfaction, collect balance
  • Hank's commissioned art work can be seen at private homes, banks, collectors, galleries and businesses island wide.
Once the details and price of the project have been established, a commission agreement will be sent to you. If you are interested to commission Hank, please contact us at .
HOW DOES IT WORK? - Back to the top
The first requirement for securing a Hank Taufaasau original painting is that the subject must something the artist wants to paint.

Commissions are secured with a 50% deposit on a first pay, first serve basis. When a subject, size and price are agreed upon the commissioner will place a down payment equaling one half of the agreed price. Hank Taufaasau will furnish the commissioner a receipt of payment and balance due.

This down payment shall secure the order in which the artist completes his commissioned paintings. The artist assures, to a reasonable degree, that he will complete the commission art piece within one year of the first payment.

The remaining half of the agreed price along with the applicable general excise tax on the total price will be paid upon the completion of the art piece.

Unless otherwise stated in a contract the quoted price of the art piece does not include a frame.

All reproduction rights, unless otherwise stated in a contract, belong only to the artist. No one including the commissioner may reproduce or sell reproductions of the artwork without the artist's permission which will not be unreasonably withheld.

RATES - Back to the top
Original Prices (May Vary According to Various Factors)

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